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Juste Debout
Dátum 18. 2. 2018
do 20. 2. 2018
Čas 11:00
Miesto Majestic Music Club
Bj Piggo & StreetCOM proudly presents:

Juste Debout Bratislava 2018

2vs2 Hip Hop, House, Poppin, Locking and solo Experimental

Hip Hop - Dedson (France)
House - Ricky Soul (France)
Poppin - Rashaad (USA)
Lockin - Tash (USA)

Bj Piggo (Universal Playground, Slovakia)
Vunky Lao (Soul Kitchen, Germany)
DJ Renegade (Soul Maverics, UK)
Joseph Wu (Germany)

Otec Mirec (Slovakia)
Niki Awandee (Sweden)

?18.2.(sunday) - Preselections & Battles
11:00 Door open
13:00 Preselection starts
18:00 TOP 8 battles + experimental
21:00 Final battles
22:00 End

Location: Majestic Music Club

??19.2.(monday) - Workshops in Bratislava
16:00 - RASHAAD (Popping)
17:30 - RICKY SOUL (House)
19:00 - TASH (Locking)
20:30 - DEDSON (Hip Hop)

Location: Tanec v meste v Bratislave

??20.2.(tuesday) - Workshops in Košice
16:00 - RASHAAD (Popping)
17:30 - RICKY SOUL (House)
19:00 - TASH (Locking)
20:30 - DEDSON (Hip Hop)


online registration ends on 10th of February 2018

online registration ends 10th of February 2018 - 10€/1
you will be able to get in at the spot - 15€/1

Dancers with online registration - 15€ + 5€ for category
Dancers without online registration - 20€ + 5€ for category
Audiance - 10€
Kids under 8 years with parents for free

VIENNA AIRPORT, its 60min away from bratislava by bus, that goes every 30min.
BRATISALVA AIRPORT as second option, for example conection from Italy, Spain or UK is better to here
BRNO AIRPORT, as third options, low cost airlines like wizz air fly here, then take a bus or train to Bratislava

Our partner hotel IBIS Bratisalva Centrum offers you:
single room with breakfast - 45€/night
double room with breakfast - 50€/night
All the information you will find in this form:


Juste Debout - Page Officielle is an international dance competition with preliminary rounds in various world cities, including Bratislava (Slovakia) for the first time, and a grand finale in Paris for an audience of over 20,000 fans. In French Juste Debout means ‘just upright’ and was born in 2001 from the need for a competition for ‘upright’ urban forms of dance such as popping, locking, house dance and hip hop new style. More than ten years later, Juste Debout has become the largest dance event in the world.

You can expect to see dancers from all over the world, who want to qualify for the finals. The winners of the Juste Debout preliminary in Bratislava go to the final in Paris on March 5th 2017.